About Voltrans

About Us

We are committed to provide affordable Logistics Services in the safe manner.

We strive to be the most successful logistics company in the regional industry and to continually improve our market share by offering competitive rates in conjunction with superior service, optimal use of available resources, innovation and cost saving
Our mission

Our Mission

1. Maintaining service excellence.
2. Providing superior logistic solutions.
3. Treating staff and customers with respect.
4. Appointing high quality staff.
5. Offering customers a dedicated and personalized service.

We are ready to support your business whenever or wherever it’s needed. Let's deliver
the right solution for your business.

Voltrans Background

The great business comes from great people.

We are dedicated to our global trading partners through the delivery of superior service as well as innovative, adaptive and safe logistics solutions, which enhance our partners’ quality,
performance and profitability.

Voltrans Logistics since its establishment gained great experience and performed many tasks in the field of logistics, procurement, transportation, security, food and supplying services.

Our Skills

VOLTRANS Logistic offers procurement, warehouse, production, transport, spare parts, outbound and disposal logistics services, customized to the needs of our customers and their whole supply chain.
Logistics and Supply Management90%
VOLTRANS Services40%
Transport Logistics60%
Outbound Logistics95%
Logistic Consulting86%
Value Added Services86%

Why Choose us?

Your Right Product
How Voltrans deliver right product ?
At the Right Time
At the Right Place
At the Right Price
At the Right Quality

Our Professional Team

Under the leadership of Board of Directors, Voltrans Logistics has earned a well-deserved reputation for reliable, on-time deliveries, logistic services and this has enabled the Company, as an “A-list” contractor, to maintain long-term client relationships key to the Company’s stability and decade-long growth.

Voltrans Logistics is operated and managed by a strong, vibrant management team with proven specialist skills in the services that we provide.

Our Happy Partners

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