Voltrans Background

As a national wide provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions to the diverse technology and professional services needs of government and commercial industry country wide. While we are a highly successful provider of goods, fuel, IT solutions, Construction material delivery, office equipment and stationary we also have important commercial business in infrastructure development, services and logistics, VOLTRANS Logistics has an extensive network of more than 8 offices in over 34 province of the country.

VOLTRANS has established itself as one of leading providers of life support, Construction equipment's to deferent projects. Our success has been largely due to the professionalism of our staff and our ability to mobilize immediately. If you are looking for high-quality construction equipment and construction supplies, fuel needs and other equipment (electrical, mechanical) to optimize the performance of your projects and best quality for your clients, you will find them with VOLTRANS Logistics & Services Company. Providing advanced customer-specific solutions through our value-creating services and IT technology in supply-chain management, VOLTRANS Logistics’ comprehensive service network and platforms will allow you to make All the Right Moves for your business.

HQ & Branch Offices Locations

Voltrans HQ office location in Kabul with 7 branch offices in other provinces. 
Please specify the branch office location, that will be highlited the same as Kabul.
Our dedicated and experienced professionals always provide you with tailor-made logistics solutions, customized to your particular needs. VOLTRANS Logistics focuses on serving customers and supply-chain-management needs, creating value through innovative end-to-end international logistics programs. 
Whether your focus is on quality for your clients, reliability, or cost containment, you can turn to a single source –VOLTRANS Logistics & Services Company. We have adopted new ideas and ways to maximize how our people perform. We remain deeply committed to the notion that a sustainable supply chain means minimal environmental impacts and risks, and that progress and accountability require that we firmly declare our objectives and measure our performance. Building upon this formula for creating value, and based upon our sense of responsibility to our stakeholders. Briefly the services we render are given below:
We are convinced that all our activities can be safely carried out and we will not compromise on this. We will carry out our business in such a way that health and welfare of our employees, the employees of external companies and all persons affected by our activities are guaranteed. We know that continuously improving our health and occupational safety achievements is of great importance for a successful company. In order to guarantee a high environmental standard and to continually improve processes VOLTRANS implements an environmental management system in compliance with Law of our country Afghanistan.

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08 Mar 2013

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Voltrans Past Performance

The Voltrans uses detailed standard operating procedures that conform to client specifications, account for Afghanistan’s diverse geographic regions and ground conditions, and meet numerous governmental regulations.

Among its protocols are truck inspections prior to any mission, quality control check-ups, situation reports of all transportation movements, detailed maintenance and service records, and regular route surveys prior to departure.

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